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Purple Color Essay

  • Submitted by: edithdzu
  • on March 11, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Purple!   Brings thoughts of love to bubble or burst forthwith.   To touch it, it uplifts, calms the mind and nerves.   A completely slightly smooth cooling feeling of soft velvet associated with that favorite pleasant humming sound you always do when absent-minded.   It offers a sense of tranquility, spirituality and encourages creativity.   It is a mixture of mystic and royal qualities.   Purple exhumes warm, passionate feelings of heat.   By holding a warm potato gives you that same warmth. Purple gives a feeling of being on a higher plain of existence where you are lifted body and soul feels like kindred, all rolled into one.
It's a favorite color of most Kings, in all it's variations. It's the vibrant tone in flowers like lilacs, iris, pansy and crepe myrtle. It's the color of royalty. It's the color in iridescent dragonfly wings. It's the last tone of color my eye perceives in the deep heavy dusk of an evening. It's the color of delightful foods and drinks. It's the color of the stains I had on my childhood clothes from picking and eating blueberries. It's the color of a pretty jewel, a brilliant fire in a diamond or a crystal ornament. It's different, like me, like you.
Purple is the scent of the soft fresh-cut Lavender flower, which is said to be stress reducing, balancing, soothing, gently clarifying and normalizing.

Think of harmony, relaxation, calming.   The Jacuzzi we always enjoy in the early afternoons.   Purple is uplifting, serene, calming and gentle and is more mysterious and can go down in frequency to blend with black.  
Nothing can compare to the delicious scent of sweet violets in the spring. Romance lingers in this mysterious hanging garden, though especially intoxicating but very romantic. Aromatherapedic, romantic, sensual, calming, relaxing, anchoring is the color purple.   Think of when you are deep in sleep, curled up and snuggly making that purring sound of deep satisfaction escaping from your mouth.   Deep is the...

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