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“Whats your favorite color?” asked my best friend jess, on the playground, during recess. “You tell me yours first!” I replied back. I knew exactly in my mind what my favorite color was, pink, I just want to know her response first. ”Mines blue ! Now tell me yours” “Me too !” I said, only because I didn't want her not to like me just cause my favorite color was pink. The childhood playground was always filled with tons of excitement, but was also the time period in a child's life where everything is new to them and is a time where they're deciding on what they want in life. You never really made you own decisions in elementary school, because your always afraid of what your friends will think and you want to be just like them. If you weren't just like your friend, you guys would have nothing to talk about. Its not till your older that you make your own decisions because they have meaning to you. Even when you're older your asked what your favorite color is, favorite food is, favorite number is or favorite sport is because they are the best questions to ask when getting to know some one new. When most people are asked what their favorite color is they respond with “I don't have a favorite color.” But who doesn't have a favorite color ? Come on everybody's gotta have a favorite color, even if they don't know it themselves. If I changed the question around to “What color influences your everyday choices?” Id probably get a response. This is because people choose colors that appeal to them in every day life, such as when choosing a colored shirt, paper or paint. People will choose a color that sets their mood and has an appeal to them. I think there is only one color in the world that is worth “liking” and thats because it has a lot of meaning and good use behind it. Purple defiantly dominates over all colors and is truly that color

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