Purity of the Soul and Body Essay

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‘Purity of the soul and body’ what does that mean to you? What is your definition of purity? As I picked up this book I thought ‘what kind of book is this?’... ‘The Virginity Club’ well this book is about 4 senior girls attending Ardsmore, who form a club in an effort to proclaim their ‘purity’ to the whole school, but as secrets are being kept, these 4 girls are not only risking there chances on winning this scholarship but also there friendship. Mandy, Kai, Debbie, and Eva are the main characters of this book. Also known as the protagonists. These 4 girls are intelligent, gorgeous and best friends, who are determined to get into the colleges of there dreams. Mandy Walters, the most confident of the group. She is the one of the richest girls at her school, she doesn’t really need the scholarship money till problems in her family arise, putting her dreams of going to Princeton at risk. She is currently in a steady relationship with Eric Travers. Kai is the new girl, she has just recently moved to Ardsmore, Pennsylvania a couple of months ago, she is independent and caring and she finds it hard to let others in, because she hasn’t really had any real friends, since she is always moving around. Debbi Patel is the Fashionista, she has many boyfriends, doesn’t believe in steady relationships till she meets Riley. She is going for the FIT scholarship and her back up plan is the Tremont’s scholarship, followed by her back up back up plan which is the Math and Science competition scholarship to Penn State. Eva Farrell is an extremely shy girl, but she is also very smart. She has her own personal torture list. Her future goals are Wesleyan. These girls changed in many ways throughout the book. Mandy was confident and strong, like a leader, but problems with her family affected her behaviour around her friends/boyfriend, her school work and in extracurricular activities.

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