Puritians-Good Or Bad For America

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The Puritans as mentioned had migrated from England to the American subcontinent in order to form a purist form of Christianity in Tudor Stuart England. This meant the people should fully commit themselves to God (CHRIST) by experiencing the method of conversion. The main emphasis was to develop personal piety by the reading of Bible and religious practices. Though the main emphasis was laid on personal piety, the most characteristically puritan polity was Congregationalism. This was also the main substance influencing America. The legacy of Puritans in American History remains controversial. Some historians laud the contributions made by the Puritans starting in 1620 in New England. But some historians denounce the Puritans for creating some of the worst characteristics of the Americans.It is believed that the reason the Puritans are such a favorite commodity of study is because tracing back their history is like tracing back the history of America. It is a well known fact that the Puritans came to America to have a religious stand. The fact that they came in great numbers also stands true.The economy, the most powerful tool of America was stirred by the Puritans. Many historians believe that if you look around, America is full of examples of the contribution of Puritans in framing its culture. For Example, the dollar bill of America has the statement “in God we trust”. The American dollar, the most powerful tool of the economy of the world, has engraved upon it the philosophy which governed the Puritans. When the Puritans landed in America, there was nothing in their area of habitation. They did not even have any government of their own to start with. Therefore, each Puritan ran his own business to survive and reach a goal which eventually led to the forming of their government. The Puritans were tradesmen and industrialists. It was believed the emergence and
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