Puritans In "The Crucible"

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The Crucible is a well thought out play that covers paranoia, hysteria, and religious intolerance. It was written by Arthur Miller and published in 1953. The story was based on the Salem Witchcraft trials, and is set in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1690s. And in short summary, is about how the people of Salem lose their mind to the "Devil". Throughout act 1 the Puritans lifestyle is introduced to the reader. It shows some of their life conditions as well as their material possessions and their significance to the Puritans. An example from the play was just the fact that they did not have much, their life was simpler than it is today. Instead of having all of the "wants", they had the "needs". Such as farming equipment, and other tools or utensils used around the house for everyday things like making dinner. The values of the Puritans, consisted of many different things. Probably the most important of their values, was religion. Religion was what the Puritan life was all about. One example of this was when Tituba was being questioned about conjuring the devil. The conversation ends up being all about god and how she wants nothing more than to bless him. Hale respects this and believes her, proving that faith to god surpasses anything and everything else. At least to the Puritans that it. Another significant value of the Puritans was pride. Pride meant a great deal to them, without it their life was not worth living. Right at the beginning of the play there is an example of this. Which is when Reverend Parris worries that word of his daughter and niece being involved in witchcraft will get out. The reason that this concerns Parris is because he takes a lot of pride in his reputation with the church. And if people were to find out about the witchcraft he feared that his reputation would take a negative downfall. All in all the Puritan lifestyle had its ups and
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