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During the 1600s, tons of Puritan immigrants arrived in the region of New England, settling the area and establishing population centers in areas like Massachusetts Bay, where the part of Boston was established. In contrast to the Chesapeake region’s inhabitants, the Puritan settlers did not come primarily for economic interests, but rather out of a desire to create a pure, moral Christian society based on their street code of moral living and emphasis on the family and community. Consequently, the Puritans had a strong impact on the development of the New England region, based on their religious emphasis and support for a theocratic political structure. By organizing their society based on their desire to create a theocracy, the Puritans ensured that their values and ideas had a deep impact on the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies from 1630s through the 1660s. In the area of political development of New England, the Puritans influenced the region by basing the political structure on a theocratic, strict model that enforced rigid moral conformity. When the Puritan settlers founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630, their leader, John Winthrop, outlined their mission of creating a colony that was a “city upon a hill” that would serve as an example of the ideal society that the Puritans hoped to create . As a result, New England was invoked by laws that enforced the Puritans’ strict moral code, including bans on public drunkenness, the theater, and strict punishments for those who disobeyed God’s law. So, New England’s political development centered on the establishment of a theocratic state where morality replaced all other concerns. In fact, this infusion of morality into Puritan politics led to a fierce response to any dissidents on the colony. For example, when Roger Williams, a preacher, called for greater religious

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