Puritans Essay

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Puritans are a group of people that where in opposition to the Church. They were not fully satisfied with their teachings. They wanted the Church to be more pure by eliminating some aspects that where objectionable. The Puritans’ believed in only work and pray. They tried not to let anything distract them from God, such as art or poetry. Puritanism derived from Calvinistic thought, which was that constant labor is a person’s calling as a sign of personal salvation. They also believed that one should read the bible and try and make a connection with God. In “The Burning of our House” by Anne Bradstreet, there are signs of Puritan philosophies. “I waken’d was with thundering nois And Piteous shrieks of dreadful voice. That fearful sound of fire and fire,”. This quotation showcases the Puritan philosophy of being afraid of hell. The fire in this quotation represents hell itself. To avoid hell, Puritans’ try to dedicate themselves fully to God, so that he will give them grace and maybe except them into heaven. “There lay that store I counted best: My pleasant things in ashes lye”. This quotation illustrates the Puritan belief that everything that one has, is from God. Some of these things are one’s life and any material objects that they might have. They believe that since God gave you a life, then he is in liability to take that life away from you. In this case, the only reason that God created the fire and burnt the store down was to wake Anne up. She was currently being distracted away from God, so God created the fire to put her back on the correct rode towards

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