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By being one of the main groups to colonize New England, the Puritans were able to influence many aspects of the New England colonies during the 1630s to the 1660s. Like their name suggests, the Puritans' goal was to purify the Church of England and to make a connection to God. The Puritans attempted to create a pure and perfect society and believed strongly in the afterlife. Puritan ways of life included hard work, prayers, and attending church; many would punish themselves if they believed that they were straying away from the path which God hoped for. The Puritans' standards and morals greatly influenced the New England colonies politically, socially, and economically. The puritan society believed in a government where the people had most of the power, somewhat like a democracy we have today. Most Puritans agreed with John Cotton and his views on limiting the power of the government saying that people with too much power may become corrupt. In addition, almost all of the higher ups of government consisted of men, since women, at the time, were looked down upon as well as children. Another political aspect the Puritans had was whether or not the government should play a role in religion; the Puritans had wanted the government to be separate from church, but not to the extent of the separatists who completely separated the two. Puritans had believed that God gave them the power to rule and make an example to all the other groups of people. Most Puritan communities were closely packed together and were usually enclosed by nature, such as the woods and swamps. As a result of the layout of the community, the Puritans were secluded and for the most part, became isolationists. As John Winthrop had said, the Puritans strived for unity; they had to become an example for others and to do just that, the Puritans knew they had to share everything among the community, both

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