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A Puritan in the 1600’s had values of hard working, education family, and adversity. Looking at these values that the Puritans possess, I have to some extent the values. I do not believe I am truly a Puritan, but I am somewhere in between not being a Puritan and being a Puritan. I believe I posses the values of hard education, family, and hard working. I have the value of education because unlike most teenagers in America today do not understand the value of education. Other countries are not as fortunate as the United States and do not make education mandatory or even have schools. To succeed in America you need the basic education to be able to get a decent paying job to support your needs. If you don’t get a good education or drop out, a wealthy company in the business industry will probably not hire you. All in all education should be something people should take advantage of. The value of family was very important to Puritans in the 1600’s. I have this value because I hold my family very near to my heart. For example I visit my eighty-four year old grandmother everyday after school and get her groceries or take her places she needs to go. I also help out my parents that both work by taking care of the house and making dinner so they can relax when they get home from work. Every month my father and I visit his mother whom has Alzheimer’s to see her even if she doesn’t remember our names. My family is my life and it was very important to Puritans in the 1600’s. Finally hard work was one of the things that almost all Puritans held. I do have the value of hard work. Maybe not as intense as the Puritans in the 1600’s, but to some extent I do have it. I work hard in my schoolwork to achieve good grades and make my parents proud. I work hard to find jobs to help my family out with the way the economy has affected my family. In conclusion I am not one

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