Puritan Development Essay

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Puritans set out for the New World with a vision already created for how they would shape the civilization into a utopia rooted in religious values and ideals, so great that it would shame England. Economically, Puritans had the idea that religion and profit would “jump together' as in they would function together and religion would hold profiteering to a moral obligation to keep merchants from abusing shortages to obtain “excessive” profit. Socially, Puritans used Puritanism as the frame-work for a perfect, god-worshiping society. John Winthrop denounced the idea that social classes bred hate among people, he believed that the rich and the poor should depend on one another. Also, Puritans were held to moral standard at all times whether private or public and that marriage was to be regulated by the state rather then religious sacrament. Following the state ruled matrimony, divorcement was permitted in acts of extreme wrongdoing by one spouse.. Politically, Puritans believed that religion put a restraint upon the government. The government should not allow one man to have more authority than God and that God's laws are held above the government. What also set Puritans drastically apart from there English counterparts was the practice of democracy; by option a town could send two delegates to the General Court and later this made the Court into a two-chamber lawmaking body. Economically, Puritans did not want economic gain to become greed and believed morality would keep merchants sensible. Puritans made the trip to the New World for religious purposes, not to provide wealth for themselves or England but as stated by John Higginson in the third document titled The Cause of God and His People in New England “Let merchants and such as are increasing Cent per Cent remember this...that worldly gain was not the end and design of the people of England, but religion”.

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