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The first people to settle the New England colonies were the puritans. They left England in search of religious freedom. After the puritans settled, they began to establish certain ideas and values that influenced the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies. Ideas and values held by the puritans greatly influenced the political development of the New England colonies. The puritans had an idea that the government that controlled the colony could not have complete control of the church. Roger Williams stated that there should be a complete separation of the church and state because if they didn’t a civil war could break out (Doc F.) Later, in 1665 John Cotton stated that there needed to be less influence from the government towards the church (Doc H.) Cotton was influenced by earlier Puritan life by wanting only a minor separation rather than a complete separation. Puritan ideas and values influenced political development in the colonies. Besides influencing the political development of the colonies, they puritans also influenced the economic development. Not only did Puritan ideas and values influence political and economic development, they also influenced the social development in the colonies. The puritans need to stay together as a group in order to survive as a community. John Winthrop said that they need to join together as one community in order for the colony to benefit. In order to survive, the puritans had to help one another and stay close together. As a way to be closer, they built towns closer together instead of having it spread out (Doc B.) The social development of the New England colonies came from the influence of puritan ideas and values. The puritan’s main purpose in coming to America was religious freedom; however they inspired the development of many of the colonies. Their ideas and values are what

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