Purfication by Crystallization

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Purification By Crystallization Experiment perf: 6/25/12 Report submitted: 7/2/2012 Abstract: In this crystallization experiment we were trying to separate a crystalline solid from a reaction mixture that had impurities. We accomplished this by dissolving our solution which was Acetanilide in a solvent. After the mixture was boiled, we then added decolorizing charcoal to help remove the colored impurities. Once this mixture was hot enough we transferred it into another beaker by using a funnel and then let it cool off. When our filtered solution started to cool off over time crystals started to form. Then we used the vacuum filtration system to separate the crystals from the cold water we used to wash them. After letting our crystals dry over night in a sealed beaker we weighed them the next day to find out what percent of crystals we were able to recover. After weighing the crystals I determined we were able to recover 4.8 grams of the original 6 grams of Acetanilide for a recovery rate of 80%. Part Two: 1: The purpose of this experiment was to remove the contaminants from the impure Acetanilide and see how much of the crystals we could recover through the recrystallization process. 2: Chemicals and equip: Acetanilide, 600 ml beaker, 250 ml beaker, hot plate, filter paper, decolorizing charcoal, stemless funnel, vacuum filtration apparatus, and clamps. 3: In this experiment we took 6 grams of impure acetanilide and put it through a recrystallization process to filter out the impurities. We let our solution dissolve into a solvent that included hot water and decolorizing charcoal. We then let it boil and become one substance. After it cooled off we put it through the vacuum filtration system and collected the purified crystals. We let it dry over night and then weighed it the next day to see how much of the purified crystals we were able

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