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West Lafayette Campus Building names and aBBreviations summer 2013 LMSB LMST LSA LSPS LSR LWSN LYNN MACK MANN MATH ME MGL MJIS MMDC MMS1 MOLL MRGN agricultural and Biological engineering F9 animal disease diagnostic lab G10 adm agricultural innovation Center E11 aerospace science laboratory C11 agricultural administration Building G8 animal Holding Facility G10 Boilermaker aquatic Center D6 armory G6 armstrong (neil) Hall of engineering G5 airport service Building (shop services) A11-12 animal sciences teaching laboratory E8 Black Cultural Center F6 Biochemistry Building F8 Bindley (William e.) Bioscience Center D8 Birck nanotechnology Center D8 Beering (steven C.) Hall of liberal arts and education F, G7 BRWN Brown (Herbert C.) laboratory of Chemistry H7 BSG Building services and grounds F9 n Car / van rentals & Charter Bus PFSB - F12 † CHAF Chaffee Hall A9 CIVL Civil engineering Building G5 CL50 Class of 1950 lecture Hall G7 COMP Composites laboratory C11 CREC France a. Córdova recreational sports Center D, E6 ‡ DANL daniel (William H.) turfgrass Center B1 DAUC dauch (dick and sandy) alumni Center H9 DLR Hall for discovery and learning research E9 DMNT dement (Clayton W.) Fire station D6 DOYL doyle (leo Philip) laboratory G10 DYE Pete dye Clubhouse C1 EE electrical engineering Building H6 EEL entomology environmental laboratory G8 EHSA equine Health sciences annex G10 EHSB equine Health sciences Building G10 ELLT elliott (edward C.) Hall of music G6 ENAD engineering administration Building G6 EXPT Exponent H6 FOOD Food stores Building F9 FOPN Flight operations Building B11 FORS Forestry Building G8 FPRD Forest Products Building G8 FREH Freehafer (lytle J.) Hall of administrative services H10 FRNY Forney Hall of Chemical engineering G5 FWLR Fowler (Harriet o. and James m., Jr.) memorial House E7 GCMB golf Course maintenance Barn C2 GMF grounds maintenance Facility

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