Puppy Mill Transformation

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Thesis Statement: “In a multi-million dollar industry that has more then 5,000 puppy mills and thousands of dogs born every day in those puppy mills will only have a small amount of dogs that will even survive to be healthy enough to be placed into a home.” ASPCA, N.D., A puppy Mill Dog’s Amazing Transformation (video), http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/a-puppy-mill-dogs-amazing-transformation-video/ This reference is a video with a written article that is attached to it. The video is about a puppy named Zach who was rescued along with 169 other Jack Russell Terriers and Shiba Inusis. The dog had caught the eye of the rescue workers. The video shows how very fearful Zack was of humans. It shows the process of Zach’s rehabilitation…show more content…
Maria Gonzalez in Ramstein Airbase Germany. She was asked about if she had ever dealt with any dogs that came from a puppy mill and if so how did she know they were from a puppy mill? She was also asked if she has ever been to a puppy mill and if so what did she witness? What were the conditions of the dogs and how did they live? She was also asked what are some medical conditions that a dog from a puppy mill might have? This source is reliable because she is a veterinarian. I could use this source in my paper to show what a veterinarian goes through when dealing with dogs from puppy mills. LANGE, K. E. (2013). Anatomy OF A puppy mill raid. All Animals, 15(3), 16. This article is about a woman named Abel who ran a puppy mill. This article describes the conditions of the dogs and how she treats them. It also talks about how she managed to get away with the poor condition and treatment to so many dogs for so long. This article goes on and tells how she finally got caught and what the animal rescue crew had to witnesses. This source is reliable because it is from the Kaplan library. I could use this source in my final paper because it helps show how a puppy mill owner does and how they operate. North Shore Animal League America, 2014, Puppy Mill Rescue,
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