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Pupils should wear uniforms to school Essay

  • Submitted by: stevensey
  • on August 1, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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We must not allow pupils to wear their own clothes to school. In our diverse society, it is imperative that we have unity, respect and pride within the pupils. What do you think a formal school assembly would look like with short skirts, multicoloured shoes and protruding, provocative underwear? Pupils need to wear their uniforms to achieve unity and cohesion.
In fact, I can assure you that the benefits of wearing uniforms far outweigh those of wearing your own clothes. For one, uniforms act as a social leveller, under which all students are seen as equal in the eyes of the school and each other. In schools where uniforms are not worn, students are often competitive and endlessly worry about their appearance and what clothes they should wear. Can you imagine how tight the shackles of peer pressure would be tied around the ankles of those who are less fortunate, who cannot afford expensive clothes? By wearing uniforms, there is no distinguish between the rich and poor pupils, thus leading to a reduction in violence at schools, and breaking the mighty walls of difference between social classes. Not only does wearing uniforms save money for families, they also create a strong school ethos and a sense of belonging to a particular community. This promotes discipline, docility and direction within the pupils. In fact, a recent study carried out by students at the University of Cape Town, shows that pupils, who are wearing their school uniforms in public, are seventy percent more likely to act responsibly, maturely and politely, than if they were wearing their own clothes. Not only is this a major benefit to the pupils themselves, but it is also a huge credit to the school, who will have storms of praise rained upon their name. School is the place where the next lawyers, doctors and bankers are given the fundamentals to living in this world. Do you not think it is a good idea to prepare these people for the working world by giving them dress codes to adhere to? Uniforms...

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