Punnet Square Practice Essay

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Bikini Bottom Genetics 2 Emily Nichols Name __________________________ Use your knowledge of genetics to complete this worksheet. 1. Use the information for SpongeBob’s traits to write the phenotype (physical appearance) for each item. Trait Body Shape Body Color Eye Shape Nose Style Dominant Gene Squarepants (S) Yellow (Y) Round (R) Long (L) Recessive Gene Roundpants (s) Blue (y) Oval (r) Stubby (l) long nose (a) LL-______________ round eye shape (e) Rr-_______________ (b) yy-_______________ blue body stubby nose (f) ll- _______________ squarepants body (c) Ss-_______________ (g) ss- _______________ roundpants body round eye shape (d) RR - _____________ (h) Yy -______________ yellow body 2. Use the information in the chart in #1 to write the genotype (or genotypes) for each trait below. YY or Yy (a) Yellow body - ___________ ll (e) Stubby nose - ___________ ss (b) Roundpants - ___________ RR or Rr (f) Round eyes - ____________ rr (c) Oval eyes - ______________ (g) Squarepants - ___________ SS or Ss LL or Ll (d) Long nose - _____________ yy (h) Blue body - ____________ 3. Determine the genotypes for each using the information in the chart in #1. Rr (a) Heterozygous round eyes -_____ LL (c) Homozygous long nose - ______ (b) Purebred squarepants - ______ SS Yy (d) Hybrid yellow body - ______ 4. One of SpongeBob’s cousins, SpongeBillyBob, recently met a cute squarepants gal, SpongeGerdy, at a local dance and fell in love. Use your knowledge of genetics to answer the questions below. S s s s Ss ss Ss ss Ss Based on your results, what would Gerdy’s genotype have to be? _________ s (b) Complete the second Punnett square to show the possibilities that would result if Billy Bob & Gerdy had children. NOTE: SpongeBillyBob is

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