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Roohi Verma Kyle Chauh Music10 3 December 2012 Music Concert:#2 I attended the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra at Los Medanos College on Saturday, November 25th, 2012, at 7;30 and it was great concert in all aspects. The environment at the concert made you feel its soul. Everything about this concert was brilliant; the band, performers, and stage. The concert begin slowly, as it eased you into for something more surprising to come. The concert was structured brilliantly as a movie with an exposition, climax, and a resolution. It is one concert that would be in my memory for long time for its shear passion for music. The most familiar title of the night was “Selections from the Carmen Suites No. 1 and No. 2.” Each of the Carmen Suites contains six numbers. Suite No. 1 begins with an extract from the Prelude to Act I of the opera, featuring the "fate" motive. After rehearing the work, I was able to recognize many familiar terms. It is an Allegro vivo dance in 3/8 meter filled with rich hemiolas. After the fast start, it slowed down and some tension was created; however the melody goes back to the original start. Then, it slows down but quickly returns to its original start. With many sections, it was difficult to keep track of the melody, but it flowed in a narrow pitch and sounded rather heart wrenching during some parts. The texture is homophonic. No. 2 is even a bit longer than the first Suite. One part definitely sounded familiar as it was in our book. It ended with such intensity which was perfect to end the how. Though rejected initially, Carmen would soon become the most popular opera of all time. As to this day Carmen is still often claimed, in academic discourse and in popular culture, to represent the pure -unmediated- spirit of Spain. This concert was really good and it also changes the way I look the music. I was really impressed

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