Punishment In The Crucible

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The Puritans had a very strong belief in God, and believed that sinners should be severally punished. Punishment was humiliation and pain. Some examples of these punishments were having rotten eggs thrown at the sinner while being held in a pillory or stock. A pillory or stock was a wooden frame with an opening for the head and wrists, and in some cases the ankles. They were usually set up in busy areas such as market places or road crosses. This punishment lasted only a few hours. But one that lasted the whole day was standing in front of the market place with notes stuck on you forehead that tell your offence is. But many were publicly whipped. Salem’s troubles begin in 1692 with two younger children. Nine-year-old Elizabeth “Betty”…show more content…
One of them said that they saw Ann fly into the Parris’s house turn into a blood-red hawk. Another says how you attacked her; she had bit marks on her right arm. Salem was a small town that is hungry for drama, like teenage girls. They needed it to survive. A constable, or a peace officer, told the jury and judge how she has a witch tit. A witch tit is a purple spot that shows up on the left leg. Where supposedly Satan visits you and where he suckles at your body. An elderly woman was on trial. She said “I saw the apparition of Goody Esty come and pinch and choke me. She terrified me much, and she told me that she had blinded all our eyes that were afflicted. Later I saw her specter choking Mercy Lewis and pressing upon her breast with her hands. I saw her put a chain around her neck to choke her. She told me she would kill her this night if she…show more content…
Five died in prison, that including one infant. On man, Giles Corey, was crushed to death by rocks when he refused to plead at the Salem Witch Trials court. This horrid event happened on September 17, Sheriff Jonathan Corwin lad Giles to a pit that was right beside the jail. Witnesses striped Giles of his cloths, laid him down on the ground, and placed boards on his chest. About six men placed heavy stones one by one on the chest. Giles did not cry out or even complain. Two days later he was asked he will go to court, but each time he replied “more weight.” More and more rock were piled on to Giles. For time to time the Sheriff would stand on top on the rock and stair in to Giles hurting eyes. One of the many witnesses, Robert Calef, said “in the pressing, Giles Corey’s tongue was pressed out of his mouth; the Sheriff, with his cane, forced it back in

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