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unishmen Punishment Dona Corley PSY101: Introduction to Psychology Instructor Donna Rial-Baker March 19, 2012 PUNISHMENT As a child, the memory of being punished for wrong behavior is that of a spanking and/or loss of privileges. Therefore, punishment is considered the consequence for wrong behavior. As a child, one may get a spanking for hitting their brother repeatedly after being warned that if they did not stop they would get a spanking. Adults may find themselves in a position of receiving punishment for a criminal act that results in a consequence. The effects of punishment will be discussed in the following paragraphs along with personal experience of punishment received in regards to behavior. The conclusion will illustrate both good and bad effects of punishment in regards to personal experience. Psychologists have offered answers in regards to the effect of punishment. According to LeFrancois (2011), the first answer to the question of the effect of punishment in the controlling of behavior is punishment may not always be effective in eliminating a behavior considered undesirable. For example, just because a child is spanked for hitting their brother one time does not mean that child will understand that if they do it again they will receive another spanking. This is where the reinforcement of punishment can have result in a desirable behavior. For example, every time the child hits his brother, he should receive a spanking and/or a period of time out that has been designed by the parent or caregiver until they learn it is wrong to go around hitting people. The second answer giving by psychologist in regards to the effect of punishment in controlling behavior according to LeFrancois (2011), punishment often leads to undesirable emotional side effects, which will sometimes be related with the punisher instead of the behavior being

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