Publicized Hospital Services in Canada

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Publicized Hospital Services in Canada Kathleen Besario 300705955 3/19/2015 Majority of the population in Canada are more concerned about general health and nothing else. Does Canada have the best health care system compared to any other countries? Or are there inconvenient truths? Health care is the top priority for Canadians and after decades of debate and arguments, significant raise in public funding and discontinuous attempt by jurisdictions are all over the country. A survey from The Conference Board of Canada, showed that 90 per cent of Canadians deem that health care should be the main concern of the government instead of other issues within the country. Because of this, the percentage of pregnant women dying at childbirth decreased by 10 per cent; surgeries for patients who are suffering from heart diseases, cataracts, etc has now an advantage with the modernized technology; extensive relief and long-term survival are also now obtainable for many cancer patients. Public healthcare service is now the main concern in first world countries such as Canada, but people must also take into consideration the other societal factors that are accountable for keeping people’s well-being healthy. Personal healthcare service such as residential services, mental health/center for addiction services and offers a variety of assistance that individuals could benefit a lot from. Home, Community and Residential Services This type of service is offered to seniors with moderate care needs who choose to stay at home. It gives flexible and practical solutions and can be also offered at any other locations within the community. Home and community support services can be delivered by relatives, volunteers in the community, organizations and retailers/centres. Though, this service are funded by the government, donations from community organizations, and/or health insurance

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