Public Violence in Romeo and Juliet

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Public violence, a deadly plague committed by many individuals around the world, results in deadly effects contributing to the breakage of a society. This is evident in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare has a very strong message on public violence leading to devastation, shown by the effects of certain vicious actions. Firstly, those that are themselves involved in public violence are harmed by their own actions, and these actions later lead to their own deaths. Secondly, the people related to the victims are also impacted negatively, because of the loss of someone so close to them, which in turn causes them to commit further acts of violence, becoming a cycle. In Romeo and Juliet, it can be seen that violence affects individual’s lives by causing those who engage in violence harm, and causing people around them to commit further acts of violence due to their impaired judgment. Violence affects individuals’ lives by causing those who commit these acts harm, usually leading to their own deaths in the end. Firstly, Mercutio causes his own death by starting a brawl on impulse. This is shown when he provokes Tybalt after he comes to search for Romeo. This causes a public brawl to ensue between them, because of Mercutio’s inability to control himself due to the hot temperature. This scuffle ends with Tybalt killing Mercutio as Romeo is trying to stop the fight, thus causing Mercutio to blame them both for his death. This is shown when he states: “I am hurt. / A plague on both your houses! I am sped. / Is he gone and hath nothing?” (3.1. 85-85). This passage proves that Mercutio is dying, and that the cause of his death is the violence between himself and Tybalt that he commences and fiercely engages in. This proves that public violence that he participates in on a hot day after meeting a foe, affects his life negatively, ultimately
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