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Public Speaking Tips Essay

  • Submitted by: cherie375
  • on September 27, 2012
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Name: Cherie Johnson_____________   Period: 3rd__________________
Answer 1: Ten Tips for Effective Public Speaking
List below your ten most important tips for effective public speaking, based on your personal goals for improvement. Underneath each tip describe your public speaking traits that led you to include this tip.
My Top-Ten Tips for Effective Public Speaking |
10 |   Don’t read, just talk:I usually try to talk because when I hear other people just reading then to me it becomes boring and understanding to listen to. So that is why I try to just talk so my presentation won’t be boring to listen to. In general when you read it makes your presentation sound very boring so when just talking you sound really confident. Yesterday in my skit I felt I was just reading because I didn’t know my lines all that well. |
9 |   Stand up:I usually prefer to just stand in one spot and not moving around because if I move while I’m presenting then I tend to mess up my presentation by messing up the words and forgetting the information I’m supposed to say. In general when you stand it like everyone has there eye on you and people aren’t getting distracted. When presenting yesterday I felt like I |
8 |   Speak loudly and clearly, and facing the audience:When I present it isn’t very hard for me to present with a loud tone of voice. This is because I am a very loud talker without presenting so it comes easy to me when I present. In general if you are presenting and people can’t hear you then they might not even pay attention to your performance. I felt I could have spoke a lot louder yesterday when presenting my skit. |
7 |   Making eye contact with your audience:It used to be hard for me to make eye contact because I would just get nervous and not know what to say. If you make eye contact with your audience then you can feel that your audience is paying attention and that they are enjoying your presentation. In the skit yesterday I really didn’t make as much eye...

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