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Public Speaking Clean Country Breeds Healthy Citizens Essay

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“Negara Bersih Rakyat Sihat”. A popular slogan which we hear year in and year out, but do we really know what the slogan is about? I would like to give my understanding of the slogan, in a very simplest translation, that is a clean country breeds healthy citizens.
A clean country is a country that is free from pollutants and social diseases. There is no point living in a country with skyscrapers and multi development when the citizens are suffering with smokes and smogs, poisonous gases and fumes and don’t forget the public menace like the drug addict and pusher. A country is considered clean when and only when we get rid of all the above mentioned pollutants.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Who would not want to live in a clean and healthy environment? I am sure everyone does. For, healthy and clean environment means better quality of live. Time magazine in one of its articles stated that by the year 2000 there were over 6 billion people alive. The world’s population grew rapidly in the 20 century doubling since 1950. This massive growth was mainly due to none other than, improved health conditions, which leads to better education and better quality of live.
What does this information tell you about our population as a whole? That, it is vital for human beings be it in our beloved country Malaysia or other countries, to live in a clean environment, because a clean environment, because a clean environment breeds healthy population. Human beings cannot survive in a filthy environment be it at homes, at schools or at the work place.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
We have been warned again and again of the effect of fatal disease such as dengue fever or any mosquito bound diseases, Japanese encyphylitis, coxsackie virus.. All these diseases are caused by one and only reason that is the failure to observe cleanliness.
The phenomenal is happening everywhere even in our own beloved country, Malaysia. As the world’s population is...

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