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Public speaking Essay

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We should protect ourselves from Western influence:

We should protect ourselves from the Western Influence. We have our own society based on our cultural and religious principles. As Western culture and norms are totally different from our culture, we should not follow them. Following Western world means that we ignore our identity and go against our norms and principles.  

The Arab world because of Western culture has become a land of contradictions. Residents of Arab cities are summoned to prayers during the day. By night, the bars of Beirut, Cairo and Dubai are filled with customers, dancing to the latest of music beats played in crowded nightclubs. There has been big confusion whether to stick to one's traditional values or to embrace western culture in today's fast-paced, globalised world. This has become a dilemma that young people face today. The choice, whether to stick strictly to their traditions or adapt to the modern, western world, is a difficult one. However, when we look at the disadvantages of Western influences, we know that we should not influence from Western world.

Because of the Western influence, there has been vast impact of Western customs, manners and cultures on us often at the cost of local cultural assets and historical legacies. Western influence on education and technology is good, but influencing from their culture, manners and customs is not right because we have our own identity and we should protect that.

Western influence is not just a result of western companies opening businesses on the streets, but also due to its mass infiltration of the media, primarily through advertisements. As Western entertainment is imported and broadcast via satellite, individuals are becoming increasingly exposed to popular western culture. Many of the younger generation in the East have welcomed this new culture with open arms by choosing to dine at McDonald’s rather than on mother's good old cooking, and opting to check out the latest...

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