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What I took away from this class is the ability to communicate at a higher level. If you cannot present yourself or communicate with other people no one will remember you. Throughout this semester I learned the importance of hand gestures, posture and voice. I was presented with the vowel dance and from there we had to work in groups. This is the first class where I became friends with almost everyone. Since we were so engaging from day one I became more confident and comfortable around my peers. Other classes would just be all by yourself and maybe a partner or two, but in this class we were all participating. From doing the vowel dance to the group projects, everyone came together and we laughed, joked around, and worked as a team. My biggest challenge was speaking in general and to not use note cards when I presented. I felt that having note cards would just make my speeches even more boring, since I would just be reading off the card. My biggest challenge ties into my achievement a little, since I had trouble speaking, I wanted to overcome my fear of standing in front of a crowd. I managed to accomplish just that and now I can use what I’ve learned and apply it to the outside world. I have always been able to write a story, but could never tell a story effectively. That’s what I struggled with throughout high school, my writing was good, but had a hard time elaborating and speaking out loud. This class changed me completely from a shy guy to a much more confident person. I recommend this class to everyone, whether you’re an engineer or a business major, everything requires some sort of communication. If you have trouble, taking this class will remove your fears and improve your confidence just as it did to me. Not only would I recommend this class, but I highly suggest you take it with Prof. Hughes. Other professors don’t record you and I feel that being recorded

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