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Public Speaking Essay

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Public Speaking

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Amanda Hodges

One skill that I think all people should have to master is public speaking. If you master the skill of public speaking you will have more fun and be more successful at giving speeches, presentations, and in your every day life. A lot of people have stage fright when it comes to public speaking. I personally believe that having the ability to speak effectively would greatly benefit everyone. If you are effective at public speaking than that generally means you are an effective speaker all the time. I believe that being an effective speaker gives you a sense of confidence like no other. Being confident in yourself helps you have the courage to speak out for what you believe in. Having mastery at public speaking helps us to speak out in what we believe in. If you were not confident with your speaking ability you might be afraid to say what you think, whereas if you are a great speaker you would be more apt to say what you think.
For example, I am sure we can all remember a time when someone was trying to get us to do something or buy something we did not want. If they are an effective speaker they have a better chance of winning you over. If you are not an effective speaker you would probably just go along with that person, because you are to afraid to speak up. I think that is a very good reason for every single person to master effective public speaking. You might also think having this ability to be effective if you are being mistreated. It could be from anyone, a teacher, your boss, even a so-called friend. If you do not have this skill you may feel inadequate, like you do not know what to say. People who do not this skill sometimes feel inferior to the person whom they are talking to. This leads to a lack of self confidence, which then will just make you stay silent, avoid the conflict, so you do not have to confront someone. I also believe that people often times agree...

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