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Public Speaking Essay

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  • on October 30, 2011
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Brad McCullough
Dr. J – SPK 201
Seminar Two Discussion Questions
September 29, 2012

Question #1:   Why is it important that speeches be organized clearly and coherently? How does the oral format of your message impact audience understanding? (SLO 5)
Answer:   Organization of speeches is the most important step of the speech to me.   A good/bad organized speech will affect how the audience takes it.   On page 163 of our textbook it states:  
Taking the time to plan a well-organized message can boost your confidence.   A jumble of ideas and information without logical structure is more difficult to remember and present than a well-organized speech.   Researchers have discovered that the less organized you are, the more apprehensive you may feel.   A logically organized speech can help you feel more confident about the content you’re presenting (Beebe & Beebe, 2012).
Outlines have always been my way of starting to make a speech or essay organized.   It gives me guidelines and helps me succeed by making sure all the information is covered.   I prefer ordering my ideas chronologically by sequence.   This gives me an idea of how the information will be presented and make sure I do not repeat myself.  
The oral format of the message impacts the audiences understanding by how the speaker comes across with the information.   For example, if I am giving a speech and I know that the topic will upset the audience I will want to organize my speech in the way of putting the most important or convincing ideas first.   Hopefully draw the audience in and then transition into the controversial ideas.   Politicians are very good at this and a lot of times get voters to swing from one side to another without even knowing it.    
Question #2:   Watch a "how-to" television program (a cooking or gardening show for example) or the weather portion of a local newscast. Notice how the speaker uses visual aids to help communicate the message. What kinds of visual aids are used? How do they...

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