Public Space Essay

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New media and communication technologies already impact on many aspects of everyday life including work, home and leisure. These new technologies are influencing the way that we develop social networks; understand places and location. The paper presents the initial findings of the impacts that digital communication technologies are having on public urban spaces and types of activities, which will improve the quality of the pedestrian’s environment within urban places. khedivial Cairo downtown public spaces are chosen as a case study, its public spaces and streets has been in public attention for many years and were serving for various generations of public life. It will be very important to study how these modern forms of connecting can influence the social interaction in well established and centrally located public spaces. The paper will adopt methods such as questionnaire, online question form and personal observations, such collections of data are…show more content…
3. Multi social networking programs affecting people's life (the researcher) 3. Urban space and social interaction The people in the society are reacting to existing form of public space, thus the usage of urban space is related to the materials available in public space. Designer creates potential environments but people can create effective environments (Carmona et al., 2010). There is a need for public space for social interaction from historical time; this always gets uplift after some period of time according to the feature presented in the urban square. Public space is in a form of transition according to the people`s behavior from time to time. Public spaces serve as an important site of human social interaction with all different kind of activities. According to Carr et al. (Carr,1992): ‘Public places afford casual encounters in the course of daily life that can bind people together and give their lives meaning and power.’ Urban spaces allow people to gather and socialize away from home and daily
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