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Elections are important in the UK as it decides which party comes into power every five years’, it is the public’s decision as they have to vote for the constituent of a certain who will hold a seat in the house commons and put the views of the public forward to their head of party (PM). Eligibility Process: To be chosen to be a MP there are a few criteria a person needs to meet before they can go to the next stage of the process, such as the need to be over the age of 21 as they may have more experience, they also need to be a British, Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland Citizen, you also if you want to represent a certain constituency you will need ten votes by any of the registered electors of that constituency and if you want to be involved in a certain party, you will have to receive authorisation from the party you have chosen, if this is not possible you are classed as an independent and can start your own party, in addition to this you have to pay a £500 deposit to show you are in a good financial position so the public know they you cannot be bribed if you are in debt to anyone, this money is given back to you only if you receive over 10% of votes cast if you have a conviction you cannot stand for election for another twelve months. Electoral Process: The system used in the UK is the first past the post system, this all starts from the public, before a member of the public turns 18 he or she is put onto the ‘electoral register’ this is a document of everyone who can vote and who can be sent a polling card. The polling card is at the next step of this important process, this card is sent to you and has the location and date of when you can vote, you then take this to the Polling station. Polling stations can be located in a local school, hall or public building you take your polling card here, before you do this you may want to watch the campaign and

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