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TASK6 M1- Giving prisoners rewards for good behaviour motivates them to keep behaving because they know that they are being rewarded for it, some of these rewards could be- * Extra time out of cell- this gives the prisoner more time to socialise and be free for the same room all day * More time in workshops- this gives the prisoner more time to do what they enjoy doing * Extra visits- this gives the prisoner chance to talk to friends and family more and be more in touch with them * Radios and televisions in cells- this gives the prisoners more time for entertainment rather than staying silent in a cell. This also maintains control in a prison because the offenders are going to be good if they know that they are being rewarded for it. Privileges are also available at different levels and the offender is going to keep achieving to get as much privileges as possible and this keeps control in prison. In prison there is the opportunity to gain qualifications and training in order to give them opportunities for employment when out of prison and this will motivate them to behave and get released as soon as possible so they can re stat their lives. Using the facilities such as the gym is a reward for good behaviour so this will motivate prisoners as this makes the individual healthier mind and body, because of this they are less likely to offend. Education has proved to be a major factor in stopping crime as statistics show that people from less well educated backgrounds are more likely to offend and re-offend. Education will motive the prisoner to do well, and this is an opportunity for good behaviour. Recent reports say Prisoners will actively have to work towards their own rehabilitation and help others if they are to earn privileges, they will not receive them through good behaviour alone. The major changes follow a review of the existing

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