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P5-Review the methods used by public services to ensure they have a diverse workforce Policies and procedures within the service: * Equal opportunities policies * Grievance procedures * Bullying and harassment at work policer * Anti-discrimination policies * Recording and monitoring of equal opportunities data and complaints * Complaints procedures for service users All public service have to follow these to keep a high standard. Equality within the public service The public service will have many aims and objectives set, either internally or externally and a number of those will be practically focused at offering a fair and equal service. Policies and procedures within the service Equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory- these are how employees should be treated In terms of recruitment, selection training and promotion. The polices are often based on codes of good practises by the equality and human rights commission. Grievance procedures-A standard set of steps should be taken defiantly when an employee has an misunderstanding or commonly known as an issue which cannot be solved on an informal basis for example: unfair treatment, bullying etc. Bullying and harassment at work policies- these are policies that are designed to prevent behaviour that is seen badly by others like bullying and harassment and state what should be done about it when it happens. Recording and monitoring of equal opportunities data and complaints- as the public service are funded with the public’s money (wages, taxed), this means they are accountable to the public for their performance. The government demands that they maintain records in areas like recruiting and monitor the amount of issues and complaints they receive and how they were resolved. Police service – The police service might be asked to reduce or maybe stop the ‘stop and

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