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[pic] ----------------------- National Government European Government Local Government Regional Assemblies Devolved Government European Government The European Government has the responsibilities of drafting legislation that affects all of the European Union. Topics that are popular are: the environment, equal opportunities, transport, consumer rights, movement of workers and goods. The European Union also have the most authority over every other Government in Europe in which this means that the Government are able to draft any law and if made official it can affect the whole European Union no matter how much people may dislike the change. To be in the European Union every one of the 27 countries need to pay £42 Million a day to stay within the Union. For example: if the European Government were to say that every country in the EU were to all have the money currency of Pounds (£), no Central Government would have a say as the EU overrules Central Government. National Government The National Government is split into three main sections the Executive also known as the cabinet or Government, Judicial and Legislature also known Parliament, which is split into 2 sections the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The Executive has the responsibilities for developing the country; they help develop education, which is one of the biggest topics. They also implement policies, defend the country and draft laws, if anyone within the cabinet can not support a decision is expected to stand down or resign from the cabinet. The Legislature has the responsibilities of looking at and checking the Governments work and decisions they also debate and approve new laws. The National government are also in charge of protecting the country and citizens that live there; they are able to call war at anytime but must have permission from The Queen. For example: If Germany started to

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