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Date: 14-11-13 Name: Craig parsons Unit 1 – Public Service Skills Team Activity Evaluation - Shapes Scenario: You are in the fire service. Your watch is on duty and you are four hours into your shift when the alarm sounds. You race to the waiting fire engine and board, the WM jumps on board and you start putting on your apparatus. En route, the WM gives the team a sitrep, the sitrep identifies the incident you are racing to as class A and IDLH in a factory that is used to manufacture vehicle components. HAZMAT is present so you start prepping your BA. You arrive at the scene and are met by a large factory which is half ablaze with the other half bellowing with smoke. There are already other fire fighters present, who you notice have deployed the two in – two out tactic. The CO tasks your watch to enter the A side of the building and locate the manual switch for the sprinkler system which has failed to operate automatically. You enter the building and locate what you think is the sprinkler control, the smoke is…show more content…
| Brief outline of activity: | For the activity we had to get in to peers and sit on opposite of the room. Then one of us was blind folded and was given a shape. Then the one that was blind folded had to try and fell to see what the shape of it was and then once they had done that they had to try to describe it to their partner. The one without the blind folded had to try and draw it. | Relevant Terminology Used (plus definitions): | | What Teamwork Skills did you recognise? | The main once I recognise was communication, leadership, cooperation and listening skills they was the main ones. | What made the task challenging? | The thing that made the task challenging was that everyone was talking at the same time, also everyone was shouting. | What interpersonal skills did you recognise: |

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