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Public Service: A Great Choice for the United States Many people believe that right now the United States is at the threat of going to war with North Korea and China with the recent events happening now in Korea. The Korean People’s military has more than 9.5 million active and reserve military personnel; the Chinese Liberation military has about 3.5 million active and reserve military personnel. The South Korean military has more than 8.5 million active and reserve military personnel the United States has a little under 2.5 million active and reserve personnel. When you do the math North Korea and China have about 2 million more troops than South Korea and the United States. If a war were to break out, North Korea and China have the military advantage over South Korea and the not US, because military technology but because of military man power. Some people have suggested bringing the draft back in case of a war against North Korea and China. For example in WWII more than 70% of the US population helped the war effort either by fighting or working on the home front. The United States has used the military draft during the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. The draft has generally been a divided topic in the US and it is getting even publicized as fears of it being reinstated as the US continues to fight the war on terror in the Middle East. I am not suggesting the US should just bring back the draft because I understand people’s beliefs about military service and fighting. It is my feeling that mandatory public service should be in the United States, and this is because there are many areas of need throughout the Country. The US will be better off if there is a mandatory public service option available for young adults. The 21st century has not been good for the US with the collapse of the economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fewer kids are

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