Public Relations And Professionalism Essay

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Public Relations and Professionalism CJS250 Jerry J Lynch JR University Of Phoenix of Axia College Private police officers are viewed by the community as officers, since they have been instructed through societal norms that this is true. The main difference is the place of their dispatch (private security company vs. police department). They do apply most of the same methods. It is important to have a good working relationship with the company and to carry yourself in a professional manner. This allows a relationship of trust to evolve. Private sector security is becoming more widely used in all areas. They are involved in complex criminal investigations and patrols of both downtown businesses and residential area, they cover a wide range of territory. A negative impact of private security can and is detrimental in their ability to have any level of authority in the community they are supposed to protect. A negative image will erode the trust that the community holds for the security force. It is difficult to regain the community’s confidence once it has been damaged. The loss of trust then results in community members not contacting the force when crimes are committed or suspicious activities occur, raising crime rates. The simple acts of caring and working with compassion and tolerance gains the respect of community members. This allows for an effective alliance between security, law enforcement and the community to prevent crime. It is important for both private and public security to be in sync to ensure that public trust is

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