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Essays: 31.Describe the public relations as a process (definition).State four proper practices of public relations. Public relation has been created to help an institution create a social climate favorable for its growth. It helps the company to project the image they want people to believe in and help them solve their problems with the public. The state four proper practices of public relations are: 1- Research: They are looking for problems or opportunities to do public relation, and audiences or publics. 2- Action: They identify their objectives, program planning , they are identifying their targets audience and public, creating a theme for the program campaign. 3- Communication: They communicate want they want the public to understand in using communication tactics and in developing their ideas. 4- Evaluation: They want to make sure that people received their ideas, and that the public has been influenced. 38.Based on our class discussion and handouts, briefly explain the major differences between public relations, journalism, advertising and marketing. Marketing, public relations, journalism and advertising play different roles in the company or in creating an event. For example in the creation of an event they will all have a different role to play : The public relation’s role will be to create the buzz around the event or to fix things is something happened to be bad, and to work on the image of the event. The journalism will be focused on interviews, pictures and writing articles, the advertising will work on the publicity and make sure everyone hears about the event and to touch the right target, the marketing part will be concerned on the sales, and finding the right psychological price to make their target buy the products. They all have different role but they work together as they have the same objectives. 39.Using a current

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