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The theory defines Public relations as responding to the expectations of those who can influence or are affected by an organization’s operation and harmonizing interests of an organization with those on whom its growth depends. Recently, corporate scandals such as Wal-Mart shows clearly that a company's reputation is critical element to its success or even its survival. This results in a considerable need to restore public faith, and surely public relations professionals are key persons for this task. The following sections will discuss about some key characteristics of Public relations including crisis public relations practices, ethical public relations and model of two-way symmetrical public relations practice. According to the articles, toy industry is facing criticism about their product quality which affects various publics such as the suppliers, manufacturers in China, Government, the consumers, other toy companies, and the investor as well. Most of recalled products are made by Chinese manufacturers. After a series of Chinese-made product recalls, the trade tensions between the US and China has been heightened and created a public relations disaster for China. The Chinese Government has shifted the blame to factories owners saying that these factories intentionally used cheap or illegal substitutes (David Barboza, 2007). Meanwhile, the factory owners blame the suppliers for poisoning not only the products but also the workers who works at both factories. The consumers are surely affected. Hence, the whole community will raise the concern about all toys’ quality and hesitate to buy toys from any companies for their kids. As the result, other toy companies in the industry, the competitors also suffer losses. On the other hand, with such event, the investors of toy companies can not say they did not suffer. Tremendous decrease in profits results in

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