Public Personnel Essay

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Public Personnel Today Week 3 Assignment 1 PAD 530 Public Personnel Management Presented to Prof A. Goliday By Anthony McKenzie July 22, 2012 Our public personnel have been overwhelmed with problems affecting the social, political, and economic arena for quite a while dealing with issues of their own, and meeting the demands of the general public is going to be hard pill for them to digest (Nigro, Nigro, Kellough, 2007). Ever wonder what is it exactly that personnel specialist does in a personnel department in any governmental agency? In most personnel departments, personnel specialist performs a variety of different duties and these duties are. First, they assist in the recruitment and hiring of employees, secondly, they help human resource managers with organizational development, third, they manage employee records, and fourth they help in the processing and the issuing of payroll checks, and they handle employee complaints. However, in addition to the other duties they administer are. They make available information about compensation and benefit programs, work schedules, and working conditions. Personnel specialists may also offer counseling to those having personnel issues (Guzman, 2012). In order to meet the needs of our personnel specialist, we must first identify those critical trends that affect the development of our public personnel, strategies used to create a more diverse workforce, in addition to, the strategies that the government must address in order to sustain membership and
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