Public Or Private Education Essay

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Public or Private Education Natosha L Guthrie EPE 301, Section 007 Instructor, Eric Snyder February 20, 2012 Public or Private Education The education a person receives has become a main staple in our society today. When parents are considering a school for their children to attend the quality of the education weighs heavily in their decision. Why? I believe parents feel there is a strong correlation between superior instruction and their children’s maximum earning potential in their future careers. Thus, begins the debate; Does a child receive a better education in a public or private school? This research paper will explore the benefits of public education over private. The Arguments What are the dynamics that make a public school an exceptional choice over private schools? One of the major factors to consider is cost. Public schools are free and are funded by taxes that we all pay to the government. Private schools charge pricey tuition and are funded by private donations and fund raisers. Typically only wealthy families can afford to send their children to private school which intensifies the myth that private schools are the better choice. Not to mention the admission process in the private sector can be very finicky about whom they admit to their school. By comparison to public schools who are required by law to educate all children regardless of race, gender, or social and economic status. In public school districts a parent also has the option of choosing which school to send their child to with open enrollment to any school within their district. This can be an added benefit for parents who want to shop around for better teachers or even looking to improve the teacher to student ratios. Public school transportation can also be a nice perk for parents whose job hinders them from being able to take their children to school.
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