Public Figures vs. Expectations

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Public Figures vs. Our Expectations Do we expect too much from our public figures? If so, how much should we expect? Public figures deserve their rights to have some decent privacy. Yes, we expect too much from a public figure because they are constantly talked about and known. The media is constantly following celebrities and everyone else in the limelight. Therefore, when in comes to reporting on a public figure, due to what the media says or the way one carries themselves, we can expect whether they are a great public figure, or a horrible public figure. Our expectations of public figures are judgmental. This means that as long as the Journalists means are moral and legal, then it should cause no harm to others. Public figures are constantly in the limelight. Some say that this is a price they pay for being celebrities or highly rated recognizable figures. However, increasingly the issue of our expectations, it has been raised and it would seem that some Journalists go too far in order to get what they want and what we expect to read. For example, Tiger Woods brought the biggest news in recent times. We expected before the big scandal of him being an intelligent, honorable, athletic man who looks like a decent family man. However, we were completely wrong. Our expectations of a public figure can be right or wrong, but when it comes to tabloids and the media, our expectations of the celebrity can change instantly. People, who constantly expect too much from a public figure, want their expectations to be made. If not, we start being judgmental and that’s where the problems arise. It is true that the media and tabloids can change what we expect from a public figure, but even without the tabloids, don’t we judge them by the way they look or act? A lot of attention is being given to Gabourey Sidibe, star of the highly acclaimed movie, Precious: Based on the
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