Public Education vs Home School

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Homeschool versus Public Education Homeschool or public school has been a big debate for years. Which one is better? There are a lot of facts to consider about both when making that decision. Homeschool gives children more one on one time to work on areas that are tougher than others. On the other hand public schools give children the opportunity to be around other children which in the end will help with their social skills. Let’s not stopping there though, this essay it will discuss advantages and disadvantages of being homeschooled or going to a public school. By the time this essay is complete, hopefully anyone that had concerns on which to choose for their child were answered and made the decision a little easier. There are many advantages to homeschooling as well as disadvantages. It’s up to the reader if the disadvantages listed below are really disadvantages. Some advantages for homeschooling include: The student gets more one on one student teacher time, Teacher gets to choose the students curriculum and pace, and students are scoring higher on standardized state testing. The U.S. Dept. of Education sponsored a study that showed home schooled children's test scores were exceptionally high. Even the median scores for all grades were much bigger than those students of public, Catholic or private schools. For grades one through four, average home schooled students were generally one grade higher than their counterparts in public school. By the equivalent of eighth grade, those home schooled students were generally considered four years ahead of those in public school, limiting of the peer pressures that surround children in public school, also when homeschooling the teacher gets to control the pace the students learn at. Those are a few things to think about. But let’s not stop there, there are also disadvantages to homeschool to include: being

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