Public Education Essay

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The structure of the current education system is failing because it is not about success any longer. It is not about creating positive, successful human beings that will contribute to the world, but it is about cramming information into the brains of children and rapid speeds and looking good on paper. Furthermore, children are placed in the structured environment of a classroom where the control of learning is placed in the hands of teachers and administrators who impose rules and academic requirements. Many students are held back from showing initiative and taking risks because they are taught that their grades will measure their worth and secure them a good job in the future. Equally important, students constantly treat teachers like anything less than an authority figure and teachers are forced to handle disruptive and misbehaved students instead of teaching, the job that they were hired to do. Thus, teachers are under constant scrutiny and pressure from politicians and are blamed for the shortcomings of the education system. Limiting education to formal schooling prevents children from exploring the world around them, and discovering their true passions and strengths to build upon in order to achieve success later in life. When looking at education today, very little of it has anything to do with developing the mind, it serves other goals entirely, such as passing standardized tests and submission of correct answers on tests and quizzes. Students are not encouraged to want to learn more or be curious, they are encouraged to sit, be quiet, listen, do as told, and make sure to get the test correct. In fact, the school system does not recognize natural talent or skills and adapt learning environments to individual needs but, instead, it limits the curriculum to academics because it can be taught in the classroom and the results can be measured. In order to rate

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