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Public Education Outline: 1. Intro 2. Is It Really Working 3. Opinions from Others 4. Clip from Waiting for Superman 5. Personal Testimony 6. Statement from President Obama 7. What Is Your Take On The Issue? Intro: Public education has always been assumed that when you have children they would go to the schools in your neighborhood and they would get all the tools they would need to go to college. Although this was never the case because the better the neighborhood the better the school and the value of the education. In spite of this there still seemed to be a few that arose out of a bad neighborhood and school and succeeded on to college and in some cases on to become a millionaire. For those few that succeeded there were the hundreds that did not. Now as time has progressed the hundreds have now become thousands and the few has become fewer. Working? I would answer and say no and It really never has. The benefit of being born in a family that had education was a blessing because the pattern and course had already been laid. The remaining that exists outside of that wondered and many never finished high school. It is amazing how America has produced some of the greatest minds in the world yet we still have a dropout rate that loses over half of a class from 9th grade through senior year. This has nothing to do with race in this day but in the pass yes it was primary minorities but today it’s the deterioration of families and family values. Many children are being raised in a single parent home and the need to have family that can step in and assist in providing the care and support that that child/children need is sometimes not available and the outside influences can take advantage of those opportunities. Opinions of others: Karl Zinsmeister in the article The Quality of Public Education has Declined states that the

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