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Summary on Public and Private Language by Richard Rodriguez My Summary of Public and Private Language by Richard Rodriguez Public and Private Language by Richard Rodriguez was a story about a little boy who was of the Spanish descent. He went to a private school where he was to be taught how to speak the English language. Richard had a very difficult time just the same as his siblings learning to speak another language. In class Richard would have reservations not alone about just interacting with class activities, he felt misplaced and alone while it seemed that everyone else had to almost master it. It came to a point that the teachers had to make a house visit to speak with his parents about his struggles to learn the language. The teachers suggested that they start to speak English with their kids at home so they would feel less frustrated at school, and so Richard’s family agreed. So for the days to come they tried speaking English at home though it was something out of their comfort zone, they wanted to at least attempt it for their children’s sake. Soon Richard was feeling like he wouldn’t learn it, but he kept at as he grew anxious to speak as everyone around him. Meanwhile back at home his family still spoke to their children in English to help them better understand how important it was to learn it. Listening to the other kids run up and down the street and speak English and it made him Feel worse than he already felt which made him more anxious to learn. It was painfully obvious that Richard was having a hard time speaking in public which was why he never spoke up in class. One day in class he came over his shyness and raised his hand to give an answer in a loud voice and to his surprise the whole class understood what he had

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