Public and Private Education Essay

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Choosing where to send their children to school is one of the hardest decisions parents have to make. Do they enroll their child to an expensive school? Or do they enroll him/her to a public school in order to save money? Will the child still get quality education in order to survive the industry nowadays? Will the child succeed in his/her studies? Will the child get the right values and grow up to be a proper citizen? These are just some of the questions they have to consider in enrolling their child. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the tuition fees, the students, the environment and the quality of education of public and private schools. They say that if the family has low income it results in having their child to go to school in a public one. Public schools are government schools. It is said to be free but nowadays public schools already have their tuition fees. It is cheaper compared to other schools, though. Our government is the one that gives funds to all the public schools in our country. We all know that their funds for these schools are not enough. That is why public schools today lack classrooms and school facilities to provide the students. The insufficient classrooms of public schools made their quality of education weak. Students tend to chat with their seatmates rather than to listen to their teacher because they are too many inside the classroom. The ratio of teacher to students in a classroom would likely be one is to sixty. These are the reasons why most of the public students are undisciplined in terms of their attitude and their ways. On the other hand, families who are capable of paying a higher amount of money for school go to private schools. They say that private schools provide their students a quality education. The tuition fee may be expensive but they can assume the parents the best for their
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