Public Adminstation Essay

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Module I Unit 1 1 AN INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION Meaning & Scope Unit Structure 0.1 Introduction 0.2 Definition of Public Adminstration 0.3 Scope of Public Adminstration 0.4 Role and Importance of Public Adminstration. 0.5 Unit End Questions OBJECTIVE Public Adminstration is an activity as old as human civilization. In modern age it became the dominant factor of life. To Study about meaning, scope and importance of Public Adminstration is the main objective of this unit. 1.1 INTRODUCTION Public Adminstration as independent Subject of a social science has recent origin. Traditionly Public Adminstration was considered as a part of political science. But in Modern age the nature of state-under went change and it became from police stale to social service state. As a consequence, the Public Adminstration, irrespective of the nature of the political system, has become the dominant factor of life. The modern political system is essentially ‘bureaucratic’ and characterised by the rule of officials. Hence modern democracy has been described as ‘executive democracy’ or ‘bupeaucratic democracy’. The adminstrative branch, described as civil service or bureaucracy is the most significant component of governmental machinery of the state. 1.2 Meaning of Public Adminstration :Administer is a English word, which is originated from the Latin word ‘ad’ and ‘ministrare’. It means to serve or to manage. Adminstration means mangement of affairs, public or private. Various definitions of Public Adminstration are as follows1.2.1 : Prof. Woodrow Wilson, the pioneer of the social science of Public Adminstration says in his book ‘The study of Public 2 Adminstration’, published in 1887 “Public Adminstration is a detailed and systematic application of law.” 1.2.2 : According to L. D. White “Public Adminstration consists of all those
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