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The many factors involved with the “executive order” help to ensure “federal principles” guiding federal government agencies and for issues that are not in national scope to be immediately addressed by governments closest to the people. In our reading “Executive Order 13132”. The idea that the states specialized authority functions as a laboratory of democracy to meet the needs of the people” shows proper consulting for federal statutes by state and local officials can incorporate standards, certification, judicial review, compliance which helps to keep balance between the power of the federal government and the state governments. Federalism is a term that includes the “rooted in the belief that issues that are not national in scope or significance are most appropriately addressed by the level of government closest to the people”(Article, Executive Order 13132) The constitutional relationship among sovereign governments, State and national, is inherent in the very structure of the Constitituion and is formalized in and protected by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.(Executive Order, fundamental principles) Additional the ability to be free, subject only to restrictions in the Constitution are in line with “executive order 13132” striving to exist with moral, political and legal character. Policy from within “federalism principles” also states the national government should be deferential to the States when taking action that affects the policymaking discretion and should use greatest caution within the dealings of uncertainties regarding the constitutional or statutory authority of the national government. “Policies of the national government should recognize the responsibility Of—and should encourage opportunities for—individuals, families, neighborhoods, local governments, and private associations to achieve their personal, social, and

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