Puberty 101 Overview

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Puberty101 Puberty is a time of change and when many young people start to feel like they are taking control of their lives. However, many young people don’t completely understand what is going on at this time in their lives or how to address their emotions and new feelings. I believe education on what is typical during puberty is important for young people. Puberty101 does an excellent job at providing some quick easy answers to these difficult questions most young people probably won’t feel comfortable asking their parents. I found it very interesting to see what questions are being asked on this website. Many of the answers to these questions as an adult are common knowledge, but several years ago I didn’t know several of the answers. I did not realize that people became sexually active so young. On this website there are preteens asking questions such as “Is it possible to get a girl pregnant if you have sex with her right after her period (Malta)?” I remember a time several years back when that was a general belief amongst middle school students. I did not know at all that there are five stages of puberty for girls. These stages begin as early as age 8 and last up to around 19. I did not know that puberty typically started this young as 8 to 11 either. More information I was unaware of was that full height in a girl is usually reached by age of 15 (Malta). Puberty101 does a great job describing puberty. I recall this process and wondering why there was vaginal discharge and if being so irregular was normal. This website offers answers to these questions so young girls can know that vaginal discharge is a normal process and that it takes a while for a menstrual cycle to even out. Another topic I find it important that they covered is masturbation, especially for young women. In my experience it was seen as normal and healthy for boys to masturbate, but

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