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Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in lifelong learning In my role as a teacher in the in the lifelong learning sector, it is my responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for my learners. I can achieve this by following legislation and regulatory requirements and codes of practice as set out by the training provider and employers of individual learners in their work place. As a teacher in the hairdressing industry some of the relevant legislation is Health and Safety at work Act (1974). Data protection Act (1998). Legislation set down by the Health and Safety Executive and the Institute for Learning Professional Code of Practice (2008). Following the legislation from the Health and Safety Executive and the specific guide lines in reference to my field of teaching hairdressing, one of the dangers I must teach my learners about is Dermatitis. The Reasons learner get the symptoms, how to recognise the symptoms, treatment and most importantly, How to prevent contracting Dermatitis in the first place. It is also important to understand and follow a code of practice relevant to the hairdressing industry. As a long time employee in the industry it has been my experience that a lot of employers do not have a code of practice in their work place. As a teacher I will therefore refer to the Institute for Learning Code of Professional Practice (2008). These are a set of guidelines to follow and give structure to my teaching role. It allows me to keep a professional distance in a teacher/learner relationship. My role is to be mentor and a teacher, not a friend. The learner needs to feel that you can offer them support and provide a learning environment for them to achieve the goals and academic requirements of the course. As a teacher it is my responsibility to encourage and teach equality and diversity within a learning environment. It is

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