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Assessment 1 Explain what your actual or perceived role, responsibility and boundaries are as a teacher in terms of the teaching cycle As I prepare myself to deliver Food Safety lessons within the learning sector I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that I am qualified in all areas I am planning to teach in. I have already achieved my supervising food safety certificate and my NVQ level 3 in Food preparation & Production. My qualification paired with the PTLLS qualification and my catering experience cover all bases to teach. My first step would be to gather information about my learner base. I would do this by carrying out initial assessments, in the form of a learner questionnaire. The content of this would hopefully give me beneficial feedback on preferred learning styles, learner requirements i.e. considering individual needs and disabilities for total inclusion. These assessments would also give me a general idea of the backgrounds and experience of the learners. Using the Learner questionnaire as a guide I would collate all the information to aid me in designing the course. I would design a course that would cover all individual learning needs. I understand that all learners have a different preferred learning style whether it be visual auditory or kinaesthetic. I would consider what classroom layout would best suite my learner base and whether it conforms to current and required legislation. Secondly I feel the from my experience of going on many courses the environment you learn in can be a key factor. I would also have to consider that if I am delivering a lesson in premises other than my own that it also conforms to current legislation. Boundaries would have to be set at a very early stage of the course to gather dual expectation. I would ask the students what they expect from me as the teacher and in
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